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Snape's love Potion for L Snape's love Potion for L

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Ohh, that was quality right there. Hilarious and sweet at once. I love how quickly L derobes!


Uchiha Vs. Lee Uchiha Vs. Lee

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hey, not bad, though not great either.

The music was probably the best thing going for the movie. The old school soundtrack had this driving rhythm that got the heartbeat up when the action was about to start. It pushed the movie forwards, though it reminded me more of a parent pushing a toddler as they struggled to stumble along. A little slow-paced, but it had potential. The fights, while not magnificent, were pretty good if they were expanded, a little faster, and perhaps had a story around them.

Not a bad movie, though it definitely needs... more.


Freerun Freerun

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It's so clear how much effort you put into this. It really paid off! All that research and mimicking actual parkour moves was clearly translated. It was great to see some awesome tricks, and though the story was kind of thrown together around the action, it was awesome enough to pull it off. Great use of humour and different camera angles, though it was a little difficult to tell which limbs were his arms and which were his legs at times.

Great action piece! nice work.


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Thats my dungeon! Thats my dungeon!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Irritatingly addictive! Although there are a number of significant faults in this game, I couldn't help but come back to it and love finishing it. Powering up the monsters was thoroughly satisfying, but it was only in the last few levels that I realised you could power up the nests/crypts as well.

An excellent difficult rating, not too easy but not too hard (though I appreciated the choice between easy and medium). And the diverse range of monsters, each with their own strength and weaknesses added to a surprisingly deep level of strategy. The gameplay was truly excellent, really well polished.

It was therefore something of a surprise to see the low standard of English. It amazes me that someone could create such an excellent game but detract from the polish of it with clumsy spelling and poor grammar. The story, though relatively unimportant, deserves at least a quick spell check.

Achievements are always good for replayability, but it would help to know what to do in order to unlock them! And a greater reward (additional stars, for example) than a relatively useless room with slightly more furniture would be a more satisfying reason to change one's style of gameplay in order to potentially earn more achievements. For instance, I set up rat nests in the first rooms and then proceeded to build long chains of ghosts for the majority of the game. I hardly touched any other creatures once I could achieve this, and it was satisfying enough so that I didn't have to alter my style of playing to win the game.

In terms of bugs, once (very frustratingly) the final enemy on the screen didn't have a health bar. Presumably I had already killed him, but he still stood there attacking my monsters. Eventually, after hitting fast forward to speed up the waiting time, I managed to scare him out of the dungeon by using the fear spell over and over. Additionally, using the fear spell will often cause monsters to leave their rooms as they chase their prey. This is less than desirable for me. Finally, zooming out revealed a number of treasure chests just floating in the air around the edges of the screen.

For improvements I would recommend assigning hotkeys so one can use the keyboard to quickly set up a dungeon type they play often. Making these customisable would probably help since there are so many buttons to choose from once you upgrade all the monster dens.
The graphics could definitely be spruced up, but it has its own kind of charm as a cartoon dungeon.
The music wasn't too bad at all!
Small point, but I don't think that clicking "Done" should make you go back a level. A "previous" button would have made a bit more sense.

A good game, though not without issues. If a sequel is made I'm sure it will achieve even more popularity.


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Dead Zed Dead Zed

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not a bad game!

The concept was simple, and although it's been done before, it's still thoroughly satisfying to survive a zombie apocalypse by holing up with ammunition and sending out search parties. The animations and graphics were pretty good, with the zombies taking a satisfying tumble when shot in the knees, or the fast ones copping a bullet to the head. A greater variety of enemies would have been appreciated though- the repetitiveness of the levels allowed me to easily distinguish between the handful of different speeds at which they were able to move.

The survivor skills took a little while to understand- I hadn't realised that they each had their strengths and weaknesses until I had lost a few. If this had been made slightly clearer I would have enjoyed it immensely as it added a really appreciated element of strategy into the game. The concept of time was a little bizarre and confusing- 750 hours (31 days) to search a house for survivors, yet only 40 days to survive? I didn't even notice there was a correlation between searching and the hours available, nor do I yet understand how one can get more hours (other than starting the next waves and hoping for a large enough supply to be able to keep searching the next few nights). And setting the group limit at five was, I suppose, a necessary evil (though my search party became redundant around Day 30 after it has successfully found every kind of weapon and all the remaining survivors).

Speaking of weapons, a satisfying collection though most of them weren't worth using. Although not as numerous as other defence games, each weapon had a unique feel and was built for different playing times. As always though, I went with an assault rifle for ammunition and got as many headshots as possible. The rifles just weren't worth the reload time, and recoil could be minimised by clicking the mouse quickly without holding it down. I also felt that the secondary weapon took too long to bring out- it often wasn't worth switching between them because the reload was just as fast. I think this defeats the purpose of having another weapon on standby. I also found the different fire modes to be superfluous, with the exception of the three round burst (which I immediately turned off). It was frustrating to have to turn it off every time I loaded a new level, so a toggle option would be good. An obvious way of displaying remaining ammunition would also be appreciated.

The music and sound was quite repetitive (with the exception of the gun firing- strangely satisfying) and I soon muted it. A little more variety would have extended the marginal utility (the enjoyment received from playing over time) of the game.

Ideas for a sequel might include using survivors/time to set traps, adding additional weapons or other potential benefits for searching (which became redundant for me relatively early in the game).

All in all quite enjoyable and worth a play.


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Shen Long - Spirit Dragon Shen Long - Spirit Dragon

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Simple, straightforward, but very frustrating.

I can see why people are getting frustrated with the controls. I switched to the mouse controls at your recommendation, but I don't think either were very good. What frustrated me wasn't the buttons or mouse, but the way Shen Long moved. His turning circle was so huge and it took so long to turn around if you didn't line up each interception perfectly, the spirits would have no trouble getting to the sacred cherry tree. It was so difficult missing a spirit by just a few millimeters and then spend precious time trying to turn around (with varying levels of success) only to watch it get there first. And, while chasing the one spirit that got away, letting other spirits get close or damage the tree before you had the chance to improve your course.

I appreciate that this may have been an intentional challenge of the game, but it was ultimately frustrating. A dragon that could turn a little faster, or move a little quicker would have made this game many times more satisfying to play. I'm afraid the best part was the music.

Hope you take my criticism into account for future games!


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